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A collection of the best articles I’ve come across about design, particularly product design. This the canon of reading I suggest to anyone pursuing a career in product design.

Approach to Design

What Screens Want

  • by Frank Chimero

When We Build

  • by Wilson Miner

A Short Lesson in Perspective

  • by Linds Redding

The Shape of Design

  • by Frank Chimero

How Designers Destroyed the World

  • by Mike Monteiro

What Nobody Tells Beginners

  • by Ira Glass

Motherfucking Website

  • by Barry Smith

How We Design At Intercom

  • by Paul Adams

The Cult of Done Manifesto

  • by Bre Pettis

Brand & Visual Design

Logos, Flags, and Escutcheons

  • by Paul Rand

Concept & Ideas

Master The Metaphor

  • by George Felton

Designing Lunch Boxes

  • by David McGillivray


What Your Culture Really Says

  • by Shanley

Running productive design critiques

  • by Jake Knapp

Giving Better Design Feedback

  • by Mike Monteiro


  • by Jason Friend & David Heinemeier Hansson

Believing The Best

  • by Jason James

Design & Compromise

  • by Mills Baker

Ways Men In Tech Are Unintentionally Sexist

  • by Kat

Customer Support & Retention

Do Things That Don’t Scale

  • by Paul Graham

Uderstanding Your Customers

  • by Keith Schacht

The Network Effect Isn’t Good Enough

  • by Nir Eyal & Sangeet Paul Choudary

Email Design & Strategy

Email 101: Opens, Clicks, Conversions

  • by Des Traynor

Behind Those Obama Campaign E-Mails

  • by Joshua Green

Front-end Design & Dev

Performance As Design

  • by Brad Frost


Salary Negotiations

  • by Karen McGrane

Negotiating Your Startup Job Offer

  • by Robby Grossman

The Business

  • by Rands

8 Reasons to Turn Down That Startup Job

  • by Mike Monteiro

How to Hire

  • by Henry Ward

Interaction Design

Transitional Interfaces

  • by Pasquale D’Silva

Meaningful Transitions

  • by Johannes Tonollo

A Brief Rant On the Future of IxD

  • by Bret Victor


Upping Your Type Game

  • by Jessica Hische

Practical Typography

  • by Matthew Butterick

The Elements of Typographic Style…

  • by Richard Rutter

Writing & Content Strategy

Reminder: Design is still about words

  • by Mig Reyes

On Writing Interfaces Well

  • by Jonas Downey

Voice & Tone

  • by MailChimp

Style Manual

  • by Andy Taylor

Writing Is Thinking

  • by Sally Kerrigan

Writing Microcopy

  • by Joshua Porter

5 Rules For Writing Great Interface Copy

  • by John Zeratsky